Sunday , January 29 2023

DAVID PISORO: I thought I'm ready to retire somewhere sports


David Pizarro was excited about the success of Ecucc.

In this regard,Unfortunately, we can not break an iron defense, like equikokBecause we felt it was going to end. "

Pec understood what he had experienced before the Celestial dragons "We're not going to have another chance. We need to fight for the second place that gives direct access to the copa libertador"

In order to retire, Pizzar admitted he was happy because "When I came to Chile and did not do what I wanted"

"For the sake of social problems I have to go to the port of Portugal (Veprories), as always, that is bound to the social problem. I felt like I'm going to retire somewhere else. I will be happy now in Univadadad de Chile"He said, thank you for what you have enjoyed by a romantic traveler.

"Today's response from people of U is the greatest reward I can give them.

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