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Cyber ​​Monday on Amazon sold 6 best-selling products

Cyber ​​Monday Recorded in Amazon He called "The biggest shopping day in history".

"Amazon's Black Fraide and CyberLife continues to record a record of the year from Monday to Amazon," said Amazon's Global Consumer Director Jeff Wilke.

With the launch of Black Friday on Cyber ​​Monday, Amazon consumers bought more than 18 million toys and bought 13 million fashionistas worldwide.

These are the products that led the best-selling lists:

6. A pressure cooker

Electric Pressure Cooker Instant pott DUO60 – 6 quarters is ranked sixth in the list of top-selling products.

Step cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sautéed, yogurt marker, heater, and ready to cook at 70% faster. Traditional cooking

Its price in the US US 99.95

5 Jen

Have you ever played? Jen?

It is a traditional board game with 54 small wooden blocks.

Players must remove one after another. The one who suffered a collapse is lost.

"That's the skill, strategy, fortune!" Amazon explains its website.

This product is fifth and largest selling US 7.74.

4. Michelle Obama's book

Michelle Obama's first American lady started her memories this month "Will change".

It's "a deep, powerful, and inspiring memory," Amazon says.

"The deep personal recognition of a changing lady has been faced with repeated challenges and history has forced us to change," she adds.

The Spanish version of the book is expensive US $ 12.92 This is the fourth product of


The FIG Bose quoted Comfort 25 This is the third best sound on Cyber ​​Monday.

That's not cheap: its price around 230 dollars.

2. A Test DNA

The FIG Ans: The ethnic racist racism Amazon's notice is a DNA test that can assess the origin of people in more than 350 regions around the world.

Through this inspection, "millions of people have created hundreds of family relationships", which is "the only DNA test test available in the recent migration of ancestors".

Amazon is the price of an exam $ 59 In the United States.

Intelligent speaker

Cyber ​​Monday is the best selling product of the Amazon smartphone Echo dot.

Ask Assault to say "Play Music, Play Queries, Read News, Check Weather, Set Alarms, Manage Smart Home Home Tools, And Most" (the voice of the speaker).

The device plays music, calls messages, sends, watching physical activity, and plays games.

Amazon is sold to the US US $ 29.99.

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