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Cosquine Rock develops: Argentine Festivals with International Argentina


The former guitarist of Los Redlands, Scie Baillinson, made his debut in Holland, in the hands of the Cordo Festival, producer Jose Palszo Kratnus Nath Aguilar

ASUNCIÓN, Paraguay.- Who is exporting Agricultural and Industrial goods in Argentina? For two years, the Argentine rock is exported, and Koswin Rock is a festive brand of festivities. Cordoba's opening ceremony was held to mark nine editions in Guatemala (Mexico), Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), La Paz (Bolivia), Santiago (Chile). Spain, Montevideo (Uruguay) and Ascension (Paraguay) are among the next year's Costa Rica and editor. More than 40 artists and local bands are already part of this adventure. Los Phapluosos Cadillows, Phytos Paes, Ciro, LosPassas, Los Ennatos Vardus. A long-standing ambush group before moving the soil of Latin American soil, such as Las Palotas, Scay, Los Fakiris. La Beriso, Eruca Sativa, Las Pastillas del Abuelo, and Zero Kil (Benito Cerati), encourage young people like Indians and Tourist Band. "In a matter of two years, a music factory was established, re-feeding the artists from the continent," says Jose Palasso, an incarnate and incumbent in Plaza Prospero Molina de Cokwini in 2001. By 2020, it will celebrate twenty years of uninterrupted years.

"If you ask me a keaskvin franchise of all entrepreneurs, but we, the train, the risk, we have developed a business unit of local partners in different countries to the idea of ​​the festival is aware", and continues to Cordoba manufacturer ansunciyeanil become the last edition of the weekend, in addition to the Argentine army, the neighboring c Manu Chao for the first time, he realized that the presence of the win.

Thirty years ago, Argentinean Rock was the first Latin American to have won. Soda Stereo, Virus, Sauce, Los Eneetos Verdes, GIT. But except for the smallest changes, the same weight on the continent. Although the musical industry continues to adhere to the direction of music industry, a huge flag marks a local flag within the new jail. "The Soda, Los Cadias, Charlie Garcia, and Phyto Pace had gained popularity and made the Argentine rock good." There is a itavelayuntayappeal today from other electrical floods came, but the idea of ​​the Argentine rock paraykkayi only Latin American country that made the earth and retrieve ennatan.agheasattinre janitakavyavastha 80 years keaskvin ennatan.patt Latin music movement in the years to retrieve the location of a rock again Netikkeatukkunnu radhana space. "A group of young men asked to take time together for a day with a gambling gambling, where the producer of Cordoba was a rock star and everyone was waiting and everyone trying to bring his Argentine bands to his home.

Jose Palasso at the seventh-Continental-based apartment in Asuncio
Jose Palasso at the seventh-Continental-based apartment in Asuncio Kratnus Nath Aguilar

"Waiting to appreciate," the ski attached the biggest pogo in a clash known as "Ji Ji Jee". Former Patricia Ray was Patricio Ry for the first time in the Paraguay. The happiness of the stage and the better than the top. On the basis of music, the musicians' paths, the jokes of each other, the members of the paraguay bunt shared by the meetings, and the registered trademarks of Cosquine Rock will also be raised in the country of the guarantee. Manucha is staying with Skay. Interacting with the music directors of Giant's Band Ziro, LosPass, and Las Pelotas. Everything happened with a 50-inch television set, when the Copa Libertadoras suspended the final between the rivers and the Boca. "It is a disgrace safety palaseaye supparklasikka be held," the Argentine nirm'matakkalilearal, with them, during the celebrations, at the same time, the manufacturers did not reflect paragvayan in the same direction, "police Sicilian, bars, ajirrerrar sports journalism, irresponsible and active participation, Jose Arcimboldo paragveyil this qualification Read on social networks that reached the throne. "

In addition to Jose Palsz's proudly accepted comment, in fact, the producer of Argentine musicians and his experience of rocky music. A passion that is wrapped in his festivities. "It's a magic in Latin America, it's a magic, but it's a magic, everywhere electronic music is very great everywhere, urban music, giant, and kumbia, and we're aiming to spread and spread all the good stuff that's still going, and that's the most beautiful Call. "

But today, this brand of Argentinian rock is not the target for the Latin American period. "The first is that a tour team passes through many cities on a continent for three years, and celebrate a 20 years' conference in Cordoba in 2020. They asked us to stay in many countries."

Manuchachao is a famous visitor in Kosovo Rock in Paraguay
Manuchachao is a famous visitor in Kosovo Rock in Paraguay Kratnus Nath Aguilar

– Argentineans do not make good reputations in other countries of Latin America. What is the secret to misusing the local producers in this proposal?

– They honor us and love us a lot, but they do not love us. In some moments I think we have a very ardent bond. I started from Invert. I had some defensive treatments from Buenos Aires. The truth is that they first observe us, they measure us, but they love us very much. The main objective of this endeavor is to look at local producers and know how to get some of the forecasts we have posed before other sections of the festive season, today it is imperative to be sustainable.

Rogia paraguay

The 9th edition of Cosquine Rome is going on at Asunion next year. But an unexpected compliment changed the plans. "Manu Chao was coming to South America on this date, and we were looking for a long time in the Kaskin grid, so we put everything forward," said Palazzo. The French musician first appeared in this city. Without a guise, he scrambled the scandal and his family with a sparkling rock. But Manu was better off. Like a street tragedy and his blacksmith, he has been hypnotized by his former Manuel Negro and his serpentine Rumba (who came from many Argentinians), some 9,000 were hypnotized, and some new songs, Mala Vida ", from his group.

When Peggitto Ciro and Los Persazes came, Manu Chao advanced and danced, danced and dreamed of his companions. In the house of Polavia, Uruguay loves Pucca in La. . After a year's tourists, that team led by Andros Zero is more oily. His last goal in 2018: First show at the Stadium Stadium on December 4th.

Even before the Uruguayan authorities, most of the festivals of the festival were Las Palotas, who participated in all Cordoba editions and the highest available in international editions. At this time, the German Daffunchio and Company are a serious matter: with their thick rock and existential poetry they find at one stage and manage to create a difficult one. Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguayan flags joined Argentina for the export of Argentina.

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