Sunday , January 29 2023

Conserving the barriers in jails: No objection to radical change in unemployment | National


Delays in the formalization trial, and while there are problems receiving prisoners at the Justice Center when some trials are being submitted, The attack by the junta authorities National Workshop started on Monday.

A Interview with five Gendler's Clerk 98% interviewSome 20,000 workers emphasized that the first day's balance was positive and "unity" to address their needs.

A request Rated "history"Career career improvement, inspiration for retirement, restoration of pension rights etc.

A spokesman for the Penitentiary Workers' Front Marcos Abouro has not revealed Equity If you do not approach the government.

The release from prison was stopped No prisoner can enter or release the prison, And consequently the results of the Scheduled Trial and Justice Center.

This is the lawyer, relatives and victims of the accused.

The Supreme Court President Haroldo Brito said that the strike was a " "Unquestionable Disorders" In judicial systems, their main concern is the right of people who are free from freedom. So he emphasized that there are various activities to reduce the influence of the movement.

But government spokesman Zellius Perez, Unemployment "illegal" He called on workers to resume their jobs as soon as possible to ensure that their table was opened and workers could resume the table.

Words from the perpetrators of ANEF Carlos Insulse's presidents Not interested in executive To deal with the problems of Jantarri officials.

Now there is no new approaches between the government and the governments. The FIG They follow moral ways The prisoners in various jails have to protect their circumstances, but they do not implement transfers.

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