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Compulsory co-operation: Dorothy Peres again rebuilding as sub-contractor

In a split vote, the Third Chamber of Appeals in the Supreme Court upheld the decision and ruled out the removal of the subcontractor. The judge strengthens the head of the supervisor, who was forced to work with a lawyer, in the media in a process of hyper erventilated, eliminating "breach" and facing justice. Perses's defense celebrated the resolution: "From the very beginning we have declared that the Republicans are illegally and illegally," advocate Ciro Colombara said. [ACTUALIZADA]

The dispute was resolved in the Third Chamber Comptroller's Office of the Supreme Court, which was faced with a lot of pressure on Jagm Barmedes in favor of removal of Dorothy Perez.

In a divisive vote, the court decided to verify the appeal court's decision. When a request for conservation is accepted, the subcontractor supports it and works under the supervision of "illegal and autocratic" responsibilities.

Sergio Munos and Maria Eugenia Zadoval G who were against the decision of the high court in favor of Perez. Carlos Alanus C, Arturo Prado, Angela Vilanco.


During defense, the defense of Bermuda, the State Defense Council trying to dismiss the doctrine of Dortmund Peres, said that the lawyer had tried to maintain a standard of living.

However, the CDE and Bermuds approach was not accepted by the third Chamber of the Supreme Court. That caused the protection of Perez.

"In response to the argument, there is no legal backing to support it, the highest power of the Comptroller General of the Account in the Subcommittee republic is not an obligation to free the cause of the Trust because, as per the Act, between August 22 and 21, 2018, the law of the 10,336 Act, If anyone asks who the fundamental rights are to be taken and that it should be taken, "the resolution says.

In the 1962 Constitution, former President Patricez referred to Asok Weer Azorkar's words. The merchants who are subcontractors are not dissatisfied with the magistrates of the Supreme Court, and confirmed that the previous trial of the Amoiridad under the Ordinance of the Courts was raised under the protection of Peres.

"This is the cost of the subcontractor's urgent costs"

During the reactions, Dorothy Perez's lawyer Ciro Colombara said that he was "very satisfied" in the resolution. He said that the competing operations of the republic were strictly and illegally.

It should be "completely recovering the sub-contractor's money" and "totally failing in a timely manner," he told Radio Compteva.

Weak controller

The Supreme Court refused to release Bermescus's gigantic form. Because in the papers he will move to maintain "the constant coexistence" with Persie, separating from his duties and "confidence" diminishing.

In addition, the satellite operator turned to a agency in a hurricane's eyes and silenced the controversial statement. The attention of the media was drawn and the entire brake of the relationship between the two main authorities proved.

What is left of the suspended, Maria Soledard Frauert, will be with an advocate who has set up a subcontractor after the removal of Bermudes Perez. However, as the same compiler is later specified, the firm returns the General Finance Committee head of the institution. On the other hand, he emphasized that the documents and documents signed by the Frontend in his time as Art Contractor are fully valid.

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