Wednesday , October 5 2022

Comerroo Aruch dies in the operation of Jungle Command in Erzila


In the center of police action deployed at a community in Erzilla, La Aurussia, was shot and shot dead.

The Camelo Katrillanzas, a member of the Machhal Temluquecu community who lost his life through the operation of a special carabineros group Jungla Kamaan, who was prepared to face the violence in the area.

Following the death of a policeman, he ran as a small tractor in Corral. From a local school, uniform police censored the result of an operation to prevent a group of terrorists who attacked teachers.

More than 1,600 police officers deployed three cars of teachers in Santa Rosa's school in Anakia Nankushi in the rare group.

"The impact of common crimes, which unfortunately ends with someone who has died, there is no problem of racism, there is no special raid on this subject," said Hermes Solto, director of the Karabaros.

"This is the impact of common crimes, unfortunately with someone who died"

– Hermes sotto

Police officers agree that 100% of the cotton can not be partnered with this criminal law. But the incident was going on, he said.

In this line, La Maúrcula mayor of La Merque states that "this is a fact of normal crime", "professors are those who represent."

He added that there was a record in the cart and that he was put in detention before buying the vehicles.

The official version was rejected by Mapeteet Community Advocate Karina Rekwella, who said that Kamilo was not in "confrontation" or when Josala commando was found in a tractor, and he was firing without a provocation from his job.

"(Katherine) came from a job in a tractor,

– Karina Rekwella

In the same document, the National Human Rights Institute expressed regret over the death of Manjhu and commissioned a team to monitor the scene of the incident that raised the issue of his death. Likewise, he indicated that he believes that "he believes that the zeal of facts is at a precise investigation that succeeds in the right investigation."

The State took responsibility for political responsibility and asked to end the Jungle Command in the area. Home Minister Andrews Chadwick did not permit challenging the Human Rights Committee to question him. These facts are human beings.

This event, part of La Aurrénia, is part of La Arúrionia, the center of the conflict in the Manchu community of Argentina, and Chile. Land ownership transferred to private hands would be mainly of forest department.

Arsenal attacks, mainly forestry systems, and the Terrorist groups claimed the region, and dozens of mangoes have condemned these attacks.

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