Friday , September 30 2022

Colo Coloh should build the campus in 2019


Black and white The last board meeting was held in Casa Alba in 2018. The budget is expected to be invested next year Colo coloAfter a specific goal, after a bad time.

For the assignment they missed Leonidas Pal, Paul Fontenay and Daniel Moron for personal commitment. even though, The rest of the remaining directors (six members) and the expenses to calculate expenditure in 2019 with the approval of three.

On that day, It should be noted that renting of players in the next season has increased substantially. In the first phase, there was one million dollars to strengthen B & W's campus Colo colo. even though, The amount was increased with CDF sales of US $ 3.1 million per club.

That is it Now the concessions will reach $ 2.2 million To sign Four or five booths coach Marie Salas demandedWho introduced this Thursday?

B & DICE depends on the skill of the commander, so he gives him all the facilities to include the players they want.

The main goal of acquiring classifications of Cola Liborodores 2020 is in Cologne Cologne in 2019.

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