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Claudio Seetlava, a U – National football

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The steering wheel, founded at the Catholic University, appears to be the first blue target. He will replace Felipe Semer.

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During campus Chile University Focusing on the last game of the season La Kalara UnionThe team is now trained by players who can strengthen Frank Kudal's team.

This is the name of this Claudio Seethalvada, Steering wheel formed Catholic University Now, huachipoto is helping soldiers. As reported WednesdayYou can see a steering wheel Blue Blues's "one of my favorites", "already has the approval of the kukakka".

Saluda, Felipe Semerin's farewell, will not be able to continue in a season where he does not believe Blue's coach.

Other names that Chile have reinforced the University Patrice Rusia (Everton), Jos Bismama (Huchachata), Augusto Barrios, Tomas Astuburuga (Antofagasta).

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