Wednesday , October 5 2022

Christmas Gifts Reached: The CDF Plates Club will accept Friday between Friday and Monday


Chile has won a Christmas gift for clubs The Cancel del Football team will be distributed to the Turner Group and will be distributed from Monday to Monday from 24th Monday.

The leaders of the team informed the meeting of the Council of Presidents. President of the ANFP Arturo Salah said.

"The historical sales of the CDF Resources have become ANFP. Turning the teams now begins operations with banks. This is a nice Easter gift"Explained Helman.

When I consulted with the clubs demanding credit,Everything is in control The process must be the same. "

In December 2017, the company received a total revenue of Rs. 1,285 million in the Group Group's quarterly sales of CDF. Clubs, thanks for this business, They receive approximately 3.1 million bonus from the US currency.

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