Friday , June 9 2023

Chocolate's social pressure and popularity: Chile's worst body changed its image


Exactly a year ago, the newspaper feared this newspaper. The nights and unpleasant memories he saw on the internet. It was nothing but the worst scepter of Chile. But we are going forward again. This terrible friend was called chokin, The official monkey of Huwaqui Festival.

This reputation was so much favored by his reputation. In this newspaper he came to the media. Despite the difficulties in that journalist. Of course, due to his unexpected face he became a local celebrity.

Choklin has put on social stress

He said oddly. Or better, at least it shows the new viral star.

In our comic sequencas, our ugly friend reads the headlines and streets of the street, weeping and weeping. His life was broken.

For precisely this reason "dirty chocolate" Attempted suicide He stopped a car.

Of course, after a divine revelation, today everybody is really good. He would not die, but he heard God give him the opportunity to face reality with different views. Another face. Eye and her eyes were like a Hollywood star, telling her cosmetic hair.

If it's a fiction, Chocolate has become one of the most beloved of his reality.
Of course, he never did Dr. It does not overtake SIMI, but he certainly got the heart of social networks through this virus.

The best thing is to thank the change of the look and body – he will hunt the children of the community.

Fiat del Chocolo di Huluqvi will be held between January 22 and February 3. Villa Carino, Bamboo Ficca, Nanko Paraara, Los Angeles Negros Some of them are recognized artists for this version of the competition.

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