Thursday , June 8 2023

Chile University, Lima University of Faced with Comma Libertadoros


Chile University This Wednesday will attempt to add a new success to the Premier 2019 LIMA UNIVERSITY At the "Esther Royale" stadium in Concepción, in a friendly warfare as a friendly Libertador's Cup.

Team Frank Kudal, Last week had a positive experience to confront La Zania, In early February it will meet with Melgar In the second round of the competition, Chile is with the Lima, led by Chile Nicolas CordovaIt is important to make that commitment.

This law will be the only strictest cancellation Jonathan ZachariaThey were outraged at "Latitia"'s final system. Tuesday students were not behind the performance against Melipillai.

He will get the best performance in court Johnny Hétera; Matrice Rodriguez, Sergio Whitour, Lucas Avverdano, Gene Bezesjur; Rafael Karaco, Jimmy Martinez, Nicolas Oras; Pablo Park, Angelo Henrikus, Sebastian Ubilla.

"Creams" will present the most advanced Armed Renovation Institute Nico Cordo.

Possible is nineteen Jose Carvalho; Corso, Quina, Guillermo Rodriguez, Vasx; Alfogame, korea, lavandira, cabanilas, hormer; Denise.

You can follow all the details of this contest 19:30 hours (22:30 GMT) In virtual marker

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