Wednesday , November 13 2019
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Chile slips against the dollar today

After pedalizing words about the rise rate, the exchange rate was $ 6 per day.

The speech by the Federal Reserve of the US last week made its assessment of high-end expectations in the market and shifting from dollar to global. But what happened was the current local exchange rate after the exchange market ended.

When the day ends, The dollar in Chile was $ 669.5. When compared to today's price, it's up to $ 6.

According to market agents, federal head Jerome Powell is in key statements. In a lecture on investors in the suspension, the interest rate is neutral, giving the lights that led to the US Central interval in the fiscal year.

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This has been accompanied by a massive rise in emerging currencies and has strengthened the dollar's opposition.

The Asset category is faced with a slowdown in 2018 by the first months of this year, indicating that the rate of economic growth has been higher than expected in 2017.

As part of the Granby's Global Price-Dollar Index, which is unchanged with a palace of currencies – using the words of the Pav's almost unchanged today.

Investors are still waiting for new developments in the trade between China and the United States, which is expected to be a more vulnerability to short term. "There is still a lot of alert before the G-20 meeting, especially in the tariff struggle with the Donald Trump and China," says Ricardo Bastamant, head of trading in Kickteredoria.

For example, the argument is that there will be more clarity on the foreign exchange market's perspective that there will be action on Saturdays in Buenos Aires.

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