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Childhood Diabetes: How to Care for "Monitro" Videl Disease

When is it a small one? Alonso "monitoto" videl Gained the prize in the Best Youtuber Copyau The OroSent a message to infected children.

"Children who hurt all people are sick and we have to do anything we want," said the football player Arthur Vidal.

Alonso experiences suffering Type 1 diabetesHis parents are a problem that is tiring.

But what is this disease? What are its symptoms? Under clinical Bupa, diabetes mellitus type 1 is a diabetes diabetic developed during childhood. This affects 90% of the children. Hyperglycemia (extra blood sugar) is produced due to insufficient insulin in the body.

If a child is diagnosed with diabetes, the role of their parents or their careers is to maintain diabetes in order to maintain their standard of living and to develop the child's activity.

4 types of diabetes are very common in children, and the clinic says. "Diabetes Melitus Type 2 (DM2), as well as special type of diabetes (which is caused by syndrome, drugs and endocrinepatops) is less than 5% of the diabetes mellitus type 1 diagnosis, affecting only 5% of patients with neonatal diabetes migraine or MODY It affects.Please indicate.

Though diabetes is considered a standard of living, solids can not prevent them from doing things like high quality sports and athletics. , Skating, and other physical activity ".

In this sense, this eczema can be understood from the life of a 6-month period, which controls and treats the capabilities of insulin. Endocrineologist reports on the factors responsible for the growth of this type of diabetes "According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 542,000 patients below the age of 15 are estimated to be 3% by 2015, according to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

Cancer is a disease that causes damage in the long-term infections in various organs, especially the eyes, kidneys, nervous system, heart and blood vessels.

"In the world of diabetes worldwide, by 2015, 415 million people, children and adolescents were diagnosed with this disease, and by 2040, 642 million people are expected to be diabetic," said the villain.

Symptoms and complications

The endocrineologist in the most common symptoms of diabetes follows:

Frank Hyperglycemia (normal 70-130 mg / dl) produced by blood glucose levels (blood sugar) above 200 mg / dl.

* Poly Ura, ie, is separated from urine. They're going to the bathroom.

* Polydipsia should drink short liquid water and reduce your weight.

* Polyphia and the appetite of hunger.

* Faint view

* Growth of growth and more in the development of infections.

The most common perspectives (retinopathy), kidney failure (nephropathy), and cuts of points from clinical trials (nepotype) clinic are among the complex consequences of long-term uncontrolled diabetes.

Endocrinologist warns in heart rate: "Diabetes patients are more likely to develop anemiisloretic, peripheral arterial and cerebral stomatitis and are often diagnosed with high blood pressure and coronary syndrome in lipoprotein metabolism".

Tips and good habits for children's health

These tips will be followed by the endocrinologist in the lifestyle that parents need to inaugurate with diabetes:

Sports For Uterophyke: Normal burdens recommended for bodily actions for 3 hours per day and 3 days a week. In obese children, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends an increase of up to 1 hour / day by day.

* Nutrition Contribution: Between 50 and 55% of all babies carbohydrates share the total daily daily calories. Parents and diabetes should know the carbohydrate diet to treat the level of insulin.

Insulin Management: The pediatric education is essential for the maintenance of insulin, and the endocrineologist indicates that it is essential for the days of the crisis of the disease. It is important that children learn to adjust the insulin dose when playing sports. "Those with a diabetic care should know about hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and its effects and insulin type insulin."

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