Tuesday , September 27 2022

Cate del Casto blames political torture for TV meeting


Mexican actress Cape Town Castillo Thursday accused the former President of political harassment Enrique Penne Nuto Drug trafficking co-star Cyan Pen takes drugs in 2015 Jokin "El Chappo" Guzman.

"I have nothing to hide, I did not commit a crime, it's a political persecution," said Del Castillo at a press conference in Mexico.

The 46-year-old actress has warned that Peneto Neeto's government office has been faxed to inform the media about the media influencing her as a professional of $ 60 million.

The media has been informed, it is an illegal act, A media fate has been influenced by my rights to respect, dignity, freedom of expression and freedom.

"I have seriously damaged my respect and reputation within the limits of canceling contracts and bank accounts, and I want them to pay me fully and transparently," he added.

Dale Castillo, fearing a detention in Mexico, returned home after three years of exile. Sanao has been accused of blocking justice and smuggling related to the leader of Carlton over controversial discussions. By the second time, they were refuged and who were now being tested in New York.

Following a meeting with Mr. Guzman, after the meeting, the federal government thanked the actress for communicating with the actress.

The meeting was attended by leaders of Sino carte and Hollywood star Sine Penn. Ghasman had planned to bring his life to the movie world.

"There have been so many sequels, the movies of the Lord (…) At first I will have to deal with her judgment, there are many projects as a actress, As the producer, I am not one of my plans right now, "he said.

Dila Castillo denied the connection with the pens. Following the inauguration of Eli Chappo in the Rolling Stone magazine, he said that he does not see it again.

"He did not save me, he risked my life." Del Castello admitted jokingly that he could repair the actor in the legs.

The soap opera "The Queen of the South" characterizes the trial in the New York anti-Guzman trial and does not appear in defense or justice division.

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