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Camera has a dual screen and a triple camera to say goodbye to the camera

This year we saw some mobile manufacturers as a form design component that began to move off the queue. In this recent trend, one of the pioneers is Chinese manufacturer Vivo con Coe el Vivo NEX, who already have their energy as an inference NEX 2 Live Triple Camera and two screens.

If confirmed as the second Vivo NEX, we see the Xiaomi Mi MIX line, a line in which different designs and high quality features are put forward. Video Nex is an approximation of the screen easily hidden from the previous camera and removable and repetitive instructions Let us put confidence We are withdrawing.

Three cameras, two screens, one ring

One way to achieve 100% of the use on the screen is only to add a second. On this smartphone we see a main screen on the main screen, the front of the front and the back of the back Three rear cameras (Only).

Presenting an unknown brand smartphone on filtration video matches a filter that we have seen a few days ago A possible vero NEX 2, They are also considering the tooth (for video-recipients).

Vivo's design does not include any key, but a secondary screen which will change what a typical rear cover will be

In this way, it's a suggestion that reminds us of a screen and a camera on a screen as ZTE Axon M. So depending on how we use the phone and handbag. In this case Vivo design will be more practical It does not need a single key, But it will usually be a standard back cover.

In addition to this The ring is a great RGB LD In the top of the three cameras that are located, above the top. There is a LED notification that is much more visible than on many Android terminals (more prudent).

Live Nexus 2 Filtering

Though the details of the cameras were not disclosed now, the Rings (who claims to have tested a prototype of Vido) ToF Scanner (Time-flight), We will talk to you when you are reviewing face recognition and scaling in three dimensions. The three cameras include Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018). We see the combination of wide angle, zoom and portrait mode. There shots.

More animation of the competition on the infinite screen (since this year)

Viro NEX is an early view of this offer of screens without the frames that they want to comply with the manufacturers. After him, he came up with his small reflexive component on OPPO Find X, suggesting a similar system, a complete system of photography and face identification.

The new one is the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 promoting a sliding screen that is convenient out cameras (unlike that OPPO module called Automatic). How to arrive (coming soon) is a new phase of designs based on a hole on the screen NotchWithout frames, without removable modules, there is confidence in the front of the camera.

We are not going to see the next Vivo NEX, which will be combined with a 6.59-inch AMOLED panel from Weibo (perhaps already on the screen with a secondary screen AMOLED 16: 9 ratio behind the screen with a fingerprint reader, a special LED ring for cameras and a design that reminds Nubea Xs Video calls, self-portraits, and sosh Stories in applications, and it will allow the secondary screen.

Nubea X.

Snapdragon 845 processor and 22.5 VAT speed are the aim of this VIVO NEE 2. This can be filtered and priced without the change of 4,000 and 6,000 yuan (about 500-600 euros), but will have to wait until it is confirmed. Perhaps, there is nothing to worry about, because we know that we know about this VERO NEX 2 In December, Sometimes with the hole using the new Huawei.

Image | Ben Geskin

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