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Cabininaro said he had tried to stop the robbery at the central station

A KariBinera stabbed After trying Prevent theft Central Station's Commune.

The incident happened on the street Ruig's tag with Ecuador Strangers try to open a parked vehicle.

Senior Petty Officer Julian LopezAt the cabinet university pension, which was located at the corner, tried to stop the attack, Knife And Wounded in chest and stomach.

And immediately he passed by Post 3 After the stereotyped, the helicopter joined Carabinieri Hospital, Metropolitan Mayor- Carla Rubyler. He is not seriously injured, but serious injuries.

According to Mayer, "This Korabarro was engaged in other tasks, was ordinary, and came up with an assisted call." Both men tried to steal it. He is near, recognizing himself as a carburetor and paralyzing two vaccines"

As Mayer explained, he underwent surgery on how serious his wounds should be treated.This moment is its gravity"

That is, the general Mario Rosas "Chief Petty Officer works in the Department of Lower Department, where he heads a university pension, where he cares about 70 of our children, who hears the sound, never loses any cranberries, a robbery."

He was stabbed to death. The postmortem was brought to the station permanently and was later admitted to a medical examination cabin.

Meanwhile, the incident took place and went through extensive measures to determine how to determine the attack and to check whether any of the security cameras had the situation registered.

Laber and Osaba 9 Cabinetores are appointed to the expert comments of the case.

The neighbors are reported to be dangerous, many smuggling and security are bad.

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