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Bugged with a dog

The Dominican Republic's Ministry of Health informed the investigating agency A six-year-old boy is the possibility of a human trajectoryAnd is admitted to a hospital in Santo Domingo.

Six months ago, she agreed to submit a baby to a child who had turned the baby to the right. Fever, chest pain, right foot, hydrophobia, muscleAmong other diseases, according to a statement from the Department of Health.

As the young lady's mother has said, the neighbors strangled the children, That contemporary and palace.
The baby's body was brought to the hospital by Robert Reid Cabról. The child escaped from the Eli Philo Hospital in Pedertheres Province.

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Through the Notification, the Pentagon's Provincial Health Directorate, People are appraising their assessments in the case of healthcare workers at the premises visiting the patient and their relatives.

In the same way, They are trying to look for those who are threatened by animals Receive related steps to take effect on rabies vaccine application in cases where required.

In August and September this year, dogs and cats were vaccinated in Pedernaleal. It has managed to defuse 4,708 people in 5,00,000 population. It was 94.16 per cent.

According to statistics released today by the Epidemiology of National Directorate released earlier this week, two people have been killed in the country this year.

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