Monday , June 5 2023

Brazil won over Chile and put pressure on it


"Scudwick" overtook "Vinitinro", earning four points at 2-1. The next opponent will be the heater roles team.

Brazil It won the first victory South American Sub-20s. "Scratch" won by 2-1 Venezuela At the El Dennemen D റാങ്കഗുവാ സ്റ്റേഡിയം.

It's a big picture of Rodiago. Real Madrid made two goals. First 40 & # 39; and 61 after that. It was discounts for "Vinitino" Samuel Soza (90 & # 39; s).

Wednesday is in the four points in Brazil Chilean group. Those castes that lead Heather Robles In the final game against Colombia, it was awesome.

Position in Group A: Venezuela (6), Brazil (4), Colombia (4), Chile (1), Bolivia (1).

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