Sunday , January 29 2023

Boca Comboal demands the last suspension of Libertadores against the river


Boca Juniors Corporal Libertadoras Amérix 2018 Final Round Plate, After the actions of the Campus Impact, forced to abandon today's game.

"Boca does not rely on the terms of the stadium following the attack on the stadium (statue) limits, and suspends the game and does not require the use of any additional substances provided in article 18," he added. Boca said in a statement on their website.

"Yesterday afternoon, Boca Juniors were asked to stop the game because of the incident, which has become a priority for us to play in equal terms.", The entity changed to xeneize.

Libertador's unusual final match collapsed on Saturday after Boca's junior bus attacked him. A few streets from the monumental stadium, such as stones, spines, and peppers, for hundreds of rivers.

Boca Midfielder Captain Pablo Perez Midfielder Gonzalo Lamarado Their brakes were brushed by the brake glass, which caused the eyes to be wounded and shifted to a nearby hospital in the stadium.

Just before the announcement of Boca Juniors, the president of Compell President Alejandro Domingues said, "Nothing has changed and it's going to be played at 5 o'clock." On Saturday, the two clubs will play in the final of the "Grand Slam" by the Presidents.

The first ball in Bombay ended 2-2 at two.

The Libertadores Superfinal will last this Sunday

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