Sunday , May 28 2023

Blue Origin Space Tournament for Rocket's Next Test Flight | Technology


Blue Origin, The space company of Amazon Bose Jeff BezosThat match Virgin Galaxy In space, humans will take the space to space and make the tenth test of the rocket.

The company will launch its rocket New Shepard This Wednesday 14h50 GMT (13:50 Chile time) from the runway in Texas, NASA

Last year's small rocket space crossed the Carmen Line line of 100 km international convention, stretching to 107 km in April 2018.

Future goal New Shepard Six passengers travel on elephants journey.

The rocket is vertically out of reach, inhabited by the populated Capsule space border, The earthA parachutist has been vilified.

The first floor and capsule on the rocket are designed to use multiple flights.

On the other hand, Virgin GalaxyThe British billionaire Richard Branson is also developing a rocket ship. It is a flight from a plane to pilots.

Since these devices have not yet completed all the necessary tests, no companies are yet to take passengers.

Blue Origin He never brought humans. Each boss claims claiming claimed security, but the progress of the trial of the companies and the statements of responsible individuals will be the first fixed year 2019.

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