Friday , September 30 2022

Black plate actresses announce sheikhups in teleplays


Antonio Bosman (Daniela) and Antonio Allie (Domingo) of the Natete Soap Operator "Pacro de Sangure" will visit our streaming channel "Nostrass L4".

They both agree that the actresses are doing well and they are aware of the sophistication of the sophisticated operating system's script. This is the main factor in the success of night construction.

Antonio Bozman said in an interview with Daniel Solis, who killed a group of friends in the Banarette Party, "that they have a public character's attention, they're not black or white, but rich in history."

The actresses agreed that serial dramas are turning into dramas and bad things. "It's just the beginning, what's up to now with Karina cagá That will not stop, "Bozman said.

Altia said she was delighted to have a telecast audience receiving the best year award at the Copenhagen awards in 2018.

We were amazed to win the prize when we were asked to compete with other prizes or say 'succeed to Capoeve & # 39;' They expect who will give Dominica the life of social networking and that his teachers will take the lead in the next chapters.

"It impacted Karina's death, she still needs to recreate the relationship with her mother, and she has other issues with Ignazio, who is very depressed and she is" domingo "

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