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Big fire at the central station

A fire affects the area of ​​Agnivore, Constantino, the center of the central station at this time.

According to the first information, this would be a property, a factory of embalms and a nearby territory. In the meantime, there have been reports that no complaining victims are present, but there is a injured firewire.

At this time, various companies work in the area to avoid fire overgrown. In advance, the second and third fire was announced. Different commissions are meticulous by the Metropolitan Area.

It is better to get alternative ways of accidents.

For all the passing drivers # Central Station, Ecuador / Toro Masot, Con Con / Almada. # MásCercaDeTi

– The Karabaros The Some (@ Karabeschail) November 30, 2018

Fire department action to fire in Ecuador / Constantine #EstCentral
Transistor in Tarot Mazato is diverted in Ec Ecuador.
Difference of Concon Traffic in Alamede.

– UOCT_RM (@UOCT_RM) November 30, 2018

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