Thursday , June 8 2023

Between tears and applause, Delphina Gusman won a Lifetime Achievement Award at Calechche Awards in 2019.


The Calcutta 2019 Awards ceremony, which began to highlight acting roles on the best of Tuesday's tour, will be on Tuesday.

Gloria Lazo and Francesco Perez-Bannan were promoted as a delivery Lifetime Achievement Award, "The love of the people and the love of classmates".

The actress has accepted this year's acting Delphina Guzman (90)Favorite Chilean actor was known for many roles in television. Some of these are "Steppad Kapind", "Sukupira", "La Fiera", "Lossy Pinchira" and "Lady and Worker".

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Happily happyGuzmann reached the stage to get his prize.

"It's a lot of kids. What did you do Walk in your seat. Take a moment and tell me how sad I am, and I'm so upset with it, "his words were.

He thanked his colleagues on tears. "I worship them"He ended his speech and said in the middle of a stand.

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