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Bethesda game for Blades, iOS and Android is delayed until 2019

Bethesda announced a new title for iOS and Android: Elder Scroll: Blades. In June, it opened the pre-registration in the operating system, but its initial date was not confirmed, This was expected for the autumn this year. Now it's clear, this moment was not the same, it would not actually happen.

The developer has communicated through his Twitter account The game will be launched in 2019So we can expect more or less from January to March.

Elder Scrolls: Blade We have already worked on the presentation Spin-off of the Edder Scroll: Original Blades. Dunscience, fide bosses, customizing our avatar, the first player we're involved in is the single-player game. In addition, there are several game types for this:

  • AB Abil: A sort of sandbox in the evening we will remove the waste and kill.
  • Arina: Bundles and dubals against other members.
  • City: We have to build buildings and customize them to get materials and equipment.

This is the first Bethesda game to use for the Fallout Shelter, a game of strategic and resource management a few years ago. The last title, Fallout 76, is available on a number of platforms, including an increasing controversy. Similarly, it is already possible Register to get a notification When the game is available in the App Store and Google Play.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

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