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Battlefield V, a great fight between the good game bugs

Battlefield is always one of my favorite FPS (field shooter). Wars are the real battles between large players, large open stages and all kinds of vehicles are attracted and different from other war companies.

In this sense The recently released battlefield V. V.Simple and diverse variables. The different components of the ice sheets, cities, fields, and cities are to create different components, they have all the components, but it is a point against the sum. This is not a big deal, so it will not be much before you repeat them.

In the gardenThere are 8 maps available for the launch of the game, all of them are filled with details that are appealing.
When the battlefield 1 was released, the game nevertheless introduced proven the next-generation graphics, now the scene of the battlefield is not far behind and each scene thoroughly immerses you in a game with a level.

We try to play An Nvidia GeForce 1070 does not have a problem with this and it works perfectly with the graphic details –We give this opportunity to thank Nivita for the code for this review.

Another attraction of the situation Many factors that are destroyed when the fight is in progress, At the beginning of a game, all the houses in a village are in perfect state. But most of the buildings that have been destroyed in buildings greater than 15 or 20 minutes will vary greatly.

This game is awesome, attracted from intro to intro You use different soldiers in the most important battles of World War II.

Introducing a series of games play ballfield V. What are the main features of team teamwork?

Once you have been shot, one of your companions' ally can stand without a doctor. The team needs to be able to go ahead without losing. Similarly, each player only takes a preliminary treatment kit, so when using it you should look for a health recharge point or not for a long time.

Limited health care and your allies help you and your team is essential Players have different characteristics. Doing this helps you to become a doctor (not just your team but also reinvigorate) for a class that is right for you, from close combat or near distance to attack classes.

Added to intensive online games, Battlefield V has some lovely story mode, which has four stories (currently available in three) For about 5 hours, they are very limited, so they do not allow more freedom, like different online games, allowing a different approach to the game.

But if everything is not perfect, then we should talk about the problems of Boardfield. The largest of these Too many bugs occurring in multiplayer mode, Some of this is the grace and the rest of the gaming experience.

There were many games that started reading before a lot of games, with a shot or falling out of the airplane, were not quite strange issues in the games, making mistakes that were not affecting Gameplay … this would not be a big deal.

Maybe the biggest mistake sometimes The weapon is locked in the center, and when it points to a corner, it does not move, but look at it, Therefore, it is almost impossible to achieve this. Although I do not force me to close this buggump game This will be true when switching classes at dying, and indeed it might be irritating.

This is a good thing The bugs are they can be solved with updates, But their start is that they should not bring the game.

Finally the battleground did not stop as a big game, wars are more exciting than ever, the views are beautiful – they are just fewer – the toy is very good, but the bugs … so many mistakes … Maybe it can turn out to be one of the best games ever.

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