Monday , November 18 2019
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Aysén's friends tell Deacauti Arasiliy Lookwene: "You've Killed Us"

Representatives of different neutral organizations in the area assured by a video that the function of the National Regulation Parliamentary is far from representing the real people.

Through a video, Eisen has publicly criticized 10 deputy leaders of various communities and Machina Chechens of the Iszan region, criticizing the deputy of the region, saying "you do not represent us and you are harassing us".

Local leaders in the local media went to Deputy Leuken, alleging that the intervention by the opposition minister, Andrews Chadwick, left the position of the Left to be removed.

Sulema Karlufelff, president of the Kareliflu Community of Kohil, sent a message called Deputy RN: "It is not enough to have a name for Macchinese, but when we say we are ladies it is felt in our pick."

"We want to tell you that you are not our representative, we represent ourselves as a territory, we do not need your voice," Yorka Chicoan Galileo, a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Mathematical Relations, expressed dissatisfaction with the Parliamentary.

On the contrary, the Manchu leaders in the Ain region face the deputy full support of Los Lagos and Emilia Noujo (SP), who is facing minister Andreas Chadwick, power or energy).

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