Tuesday , September 27 2022

Atangana! Mayor Sharpe said there was no job barrier. The businessman and the government ordered to establish a table


If there was a wrestling reporter in the last hour at Port Stricke, everyone would say that everyone got it. The TPS, the president of the consortium controlled by the company, the Sarpal, the Valparas Mayor and volunteer temporary workers made statements.

Tips-Managing Consortium was President Richard von Apan of Ultramar. The businessman pointed out, "Yes, we are away from people who violate our offices and our people."


The Gloria Hat government promoted an emergency response to the Transport Department's voice. Assured that the carelessness of the workers was not accepted.

Valpropier Mayor, George Sharp was worse. "If you do not want to help in the solution of the conflict, keep up the good mum and do it for the valpara," he said.

TPS ignored unemployment

Then the information received from the TPS was known: they do not even know they have a strike. "We want to say more clearly: Valparaiso has no port strike, since November 28. Our terminal has been continuously launched since November 28. We have served over all the clients we have asked for our services, which is now more than 350 ports, said General Manager Oliver Weinreich.

The voice of the workers

When the leaders of about 400 policemen began apologizing to the protesters in Verahilo, they got these words.

"We have not said anything to do anything Wednesday (nothing), do not do anything on Thursdays and talk to the government on Thursday, it will have to wait for some time to relax," he said. Beas, one of the leaders of the movement.

However, despite the announcement of a list of discussions, unemployment still exists at the end of this edition.

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