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at this time? Vincent van Gogh was not Vincent van Gogh

(ANSASA) – A well-known photographer now known to have portrayed a young man Vincent van Gogh At the age of 13, it is, in fact, the image of the painter's brother Thio.

This was revealed in a recent study. Mons was commissioned by Vice-Vicciore, 2015, Europe's Capital Commissioner, and completed the scientific analysis conducted at the Vancouver Museum in Amsterdam. At the age of 15, Brother shows Thio, which is in the wrong.

"This photo is my grandfather, and so I realized that Vincent was not," says van Gogh, who works at Theo Vanango's grandiose Van Gogh Museum. "But I'm happy that this mystery was resolved," he adds. Vincent Wongo's legacy is properly transmitted, and research has been a critical contribution to these efforts.

From Mandela to Mandela, Warlaw

From the most notable museums in South Africa, the Ducal Palace in Genoa is being constructed from the Jonesberg Art Gallery since 1910 as a series of public display. More than 100 years of art work will be displayed.

More than 50 works, such as oil, watercolor, graphics, and synthesis of some of the main characters in the 19th century are shown in international art. "Monet to Bacon, Masterpiece in the Manchisberg Art Gallery" and XX. Some of these include Edgar Degas, Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Jean Baptiste Corot, Alma Timoza, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Zesan, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol.

In the works of Magy Labser, South African Expressionism, the Mad Sampaner's Selby MVC and George Pemba are strong interests in social issues and racial discrimination and city life.

The exhibition at Genoa will be from November 17 to March 3 next year. Simona is responsible for Bartoli. It is an exhibition connected to the city of Ljubljana, the capital of Johannesburg, in memory of Nelson Mandela (1918-2013). In 1910, the public can see the publication of the popular history of the open South Africa Art Gallery for the public. The sensitivity of Florence Phillips, the wife of mineral industry, Lionel Philips.

The city has been set up to create an art museum, allowing her to invest in the project and her husband and other industrial wounds. They also sold a blue diamond made of the first husband.

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