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Asthma is a very unhealthy and uncontrolled disease


Multidis is highlighted by plannary management and control of serious asthma. The impact of daily lives in patients is one of the main challenges of today's journalists' workshop program. Well at the Fundaean Gymnas University Hospital, Astragnetic cohort is estimated.

"It is now estimated that 145,000 patients are suffering from severe asthma in Spain," the head of the Neomology Service Association and the Assets of the Jamires Diaz Foundation (member of multidisciple unit member) Maria Jesse Rodriguez Neet said. One of the four experts who taught the workshop. "Asthma is a contagious disease and reported 1,118 deaths in 2017, according to the National Institute of Statistics (IEEE), which is higher than 2016," he said.

On the other hand, UMA, Respiratory Disease Network Research Center (CBSE), Allergic Surgery Assistant Dr. Mar Fernandes, etc. of the Health Research Institute (IIS-FJD) Healthcare Research Institute's (IIS-FJD) health research institute, "Despite the multiple medical treatments, patients are still not governed, Under Despite the iyeageasisum sapliyagneasisum, a special expert to learn a lot of patients is low. " At present, asthmatic patients are 3.9 percent of patients with acute asthma. Therefore, Dr. Fernandes Neeto Astha highlights the need for accurate diagnosis and treatment of asthma children. If the asthma is not controlled in the early stages of asthma, lung function will be lost. High cholesterol is dangerous. "

Patients contribute to asthma multidisciplinary unit

The Jimenez Diaz Foundation is a multidisciplinary unit of asthma, one of the reference units in Spain for patients suffering from severe asthma in analyzing various experts. To provide journalists with the opportunity to visit it today and the experts in the field of training, to learn about the benefits that can be beneficial to the patients affected by this disease and to draw closer to their everyday life.

In addition, journalists were able to participate in the first round of how to include bronze-powered cameras, pressure, hyper-erventilation tests. In this sense, the Principal Investigator of Madrid Hospital, CBS Division Chief Dr. Nicholas Gonzálz Mango, UMA coordinator, Dr. Mangeadea Nicholas Gonzalez said: "You are going to learn more in-depth Asthma and its triggers, using technology more sophisticated technology. It provides a more personal and effective treatment." "Quickly and provides a speed control circuit to create more and more vyaktivalkkarikkappettavayumaya evaluation," he Untikkatti.

Influence increases the daily lives of patients

Dr. Fernandez Neeti says that fatigue, cough and cough are the main symptoms of asthma. These symptoms are in severe asthma. He noted that mainstream entertainment "can not be controlled with the usual medicines for asthma."

"The everyday symptoms interfere with your normal life," Dr. Rodriguez says long. 91% of those with abnormal asthma among those with regulatory diseases have a normal daily activity of more than once a week. These people need to take medications over time and are important to obey them. "Another aspect that affects everyday life in a vital way is the worst periods of illness, and sometimes hospital admissions need," said the pulmonologist. The number of hospitals in randomized asthma is more than 10 times more hospitals than those with regulatory asthma.

Advantages of MultidisDDDD Medicine Model

Finally, Dr. Iyer-FJD, a senior researcher at the Principal of CIberes, professor of the University of Autonomus University of Madrid, Mayawati, Victoria Delphos Abejon, "Multi-drug model, patient, integration of this environmental knowledge, with a comprehensive outlook, especially now in a new phase to deal with the next asthma.

Immomology contributes to the study of biomarkers and the study of biomarkers based on the immune system. This will allow – experts say they will be providing adequate treatment for asthma patients.

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