Monday , June 5 2023

Argentinean rival South America beat Argentina by 20 runs


"Albiceleste" faces Guayas' Composition at the Talaq Taxi Stadium.

On the same day Paraguay will meet Peru.

The FIG Argentine team Tuesday combined jointly Ecuador According to the second date South American subdivision 20 That's happening in our country, Looking for his first success in the match.

Transcendian is equal to 1 to 1 Paraguay During the debut Guamans defeated "Guarani" 3-0 at the Premier And they received a 1-3 defeat Uruguay

The encounter with "Albiceleste" and Ecuadorian At 17:30 GMT (17:10 GMT) in our country at the TALKA TAX Stadium

On the same day, Paraguay's group against Peru is at 7:30.

The basis of "Guani" Group B. 1 point, like Argentineans, is a bad target difference. On the other hand, "Inca" From the third to three units.

Both tables can then change the virtual scoreboard of

South American sub-section is more than 20

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