Thursday , October 28 2021

Apple will prepare a smart sheet that wants to make your money


It's bigger than an iPad Pro.

The name iSheet It's more ridiculous than self-explanation. But they do well to experience it. It seems to be a new tool in Apple's offices.

Although a temporary title, the boys Patent apple They have proven that they have developed a smart sheet. Documents received and distributed on the site prove this:

iSheet: Apple is preparing a smart sheet that wants to make your money

It is foolish and exaggerated. But in reality Apple It is only the idea of ​​technology iSheet.

A blanket 54 embedded sensors. Heartbeat, breathing, and ability to measure and analyze body temperature. Our rest is until evolution.

When they mark it Patent registrations; iSheet's system will connect to a control panel as a wireless on a touch screen; May be an iPad.

The platform shows all records and indicators; Our rest and sleep patterns.

The smart blanket has an axis which can include a smart camera. To determine our position and its variants.

Of course, Apple is not a complete factor going to this market as a patent. But they are powerful.

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