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Antibiotic pain increases in coffee – Veras Informa


The FIG Caffeine This is the most valuable daring in the world. There is no better way to start the day than having a good cup of coffee.

There are more scientific reasons for drinking now: It protects you from pain.

A recent study by researchers at the University of Alabama. Caffeine ensures regular consumption; Changing signals is not correct to process Pain

These new research suggests a useful way to relieve pain sensitivity. Help people control it. Millions of people use caffeine as a regular diet.

Use of caffeine in a laboratory setting is good; Or as indicating the properties that help a drug add-in to help avoid pain The FIG.

However, the influence of caffeine consumption in the food has a lot of impact. We wanted to talk to this gap project.

This is the words of the associate professor of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Burerel R. Gudi, and the author's author. They took 62 sensors and used caffeine.

Heat and pressure are understood to be stable. After this, organize dietary intake in alkaloids daily consumption.

The consumption of caffeine every 100 mg daily is associated with a 5 ° increase in heat pressure. Torture pain has increased by 31.2 kilograms.

The heat was applied to the front and gradually increased, and the pressure on the trapside was applied.

According to a study published as Higher Agent Dairy Carine, experimental pain sensitivity is less related to social based sampling. A curiosity indicates that we will make further progress in this field.

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