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Andrew Lincoln will make sammi movies



British Andrew LincolnMain actor of the series The Walking DeadThis franchise will be the main character of many of the franchises AMC.

His main character, Lincoln, was last night in the television format Rick Grimes In a number of projects that are drawn under the umbrella of the producer AMC Studio Original Films It will have scripts Scott Jimble.

The shooting is expected to begin in 2019.

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"One of the best actors in television history has started to become a legend with the best people I met, and we have so many things on the horizon," said Jimble.

"These films are going to be a big evolution from what we are doing television on the scale of production," the faces and new characters from the predecessor have never seen the world, they will love the viewers. "

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He says The Hollywood Reporter, Lincoln will be the character of three different films of this terrorist, broadcasting by its own chain AMC.

Last night in chapter The Walking DeadGrabs were seriously wounded, and they reached an unknown goal by helicopter. The character of Sony apocalypse has been described in detail as to what has happened to the characters and new challenges.

The premieres of the ninth season The Walking Dead This is the lowest mark for the season's seasons in the 2011 season, when 6.08 million visitors arrived in the US in October.

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However, The Walking Dead This is the most successful series of recent years. Two years earlier, the seventh season's dramatic attracted more than 17 million viewers.

This will happen after Lincoln's release Norman Reads, A linguistic language writer Daryl DixonWho leads the series?


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