Thursday , June 8 2023

An incredible detail from the pop series


On January 17, the animated series "Popeye, sailor" Comic strikes for 90 years for the first time Shooting theater In that edition of the 1929 American newspaper The New York Evening Journal

This year's announcement of the Huffington Post in its Spanish edition has made a detailed revelation about the title of the series. Of course, many are carelessly careless.

The author quotes the user on Twitter @anitapolisOKOlivia explains what the name of the sailor's name is His difficult eyes, What is in english? "Pop eyes". In addition, when she was 49 years old, she promised to see her.

Many people think that this information will be clear. Many people do not associate this character with the character of the character, and they found only when they saw the tweets. People aged 50 and 60 certainly do not know their sophisticated life in their lives.

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