Wednesday , October 5 2022

ALLVP raises $ 73 million for third investment fund


Mecca (extension) of Mexico. Lorry Venture Partners' Anthony Lilo Fund (ALLVP) has a new pool to invest in the startup. On November 14, he completed the first closing of 73 million dollars for the third stake. The target was $ 100 million. Funds will be used for at least eight health, physicians, digital consumption and smart sounds.

The ALLVP began with the advance in October 2017. For one investor, one year needed to talk to other investors and study a lot of subjects. Founder partner Fernando Lélôte de Larry explains. "We have 75 percent of the funding before we raise funds." In the fall of 2017, we announced from the Mexican Stock Exchanges, which will allow you to talk and speak afterwards, "the investor explains.

In this third device, pension funds have been invested in Mexico, Colombia and Chile by CdD, Development Agencies, Funds, Corporate and Family Offices. "Learn more about institutional investors about the benefits and benefits of participating in Risk Capital," says Lelo de Lorenia.

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The first two funds of ALLVP raised between 2014 and 2015 are equal to $ 6.5 million and $ 36 million respectively. The first funding of the Third Fund represents more than twice the previous year. "It's a big deviator, there are more resources with companies, more phases of growth," investor abounds.

Investment tickets are more than $ 500,000 to seed capital that are more than 11 million dollars in the B-series. Investor estimates that it will take another nine months to raise $ 27 million in funding. However, this allows first investing to start investing.

Companies were analyzed in the months of November and December. We will start at 2019, "said La Daria, adding that it will use resources to raise funds for new ventures." It will not be used to invest any company from previous funds. Because there is a clear emphasis on investing in Mexico, there is a local hunger that promotes what happened in Cornerhop, "he says.

Walmart Corrs' shop is purchasing $ 225 million. You can sell it to Walmart de Mexix

On September 13, Walmart Infotech purchased $ 225 million To begin with Chile Cornells Shappe, Electronic Commerce Platform for Supermarkets in ALLVP This is the fourth entry of this year's fund. Strategic players have won the car-sharing carrot, Pet Production e-commerce pets, and the uplifting loan platform.

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