Thursday , October 28 2021

Allergies consider Raw facial after larvae of lAGOS


Parry's call out a few people "difilobotriasis" The authorities in this area have been warned LakesBecause at least six of us have eaten raw foods and have introduced symptoms like vomiting and stomach pain.

The FIG "difilobotriasis" It is also known "There was fish" Simply put, a man who transmits some fishes will grow a 10-meter worm when entering human life.

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This hazard is growing and developing in the human bowels. Therefore, the disease of the person affected by this disease is the risk of infection. In the ocean, in the oceans, they will contaminate the fish again and create an infection.

According to the slogan Bye, Los Lagos Health Seriei, Scarlet molt, He called the customers "Avoiding the risk of risking patients due to the consumption of raw fish, consuming and buying only a specified place, a healthy solution"

This outbreak mainly affects gastronomy Caviè, Sushi Or preparation of raw fish, is the only way to produce a non-infectious product, which causes the taste of these dishes.

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