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Alien: The franchise's new game will be Blackout, will be announced on this date Twentieth century Fox | Hidey Kojima | xenomorphs | Game Award 2018 | Consoles | Photos | video games


Obviously franchise Alien There will be a new title in the consoles and on the PC Fox of the 20th century Brand registered Alien: Blackout Use in video games or related software. This will confirm all the guess at the beginning of the year and the date the game will be declared.

FoxNext Games, Division of Video Fox of the 20th centuryResponsible for liability Alien: Blackout Not only for the consoles, but also on the upcoming days, we will be presenting this new title, xenomorphs Four years later

The date and place selected by developers have already been selected Alien: Blackout, Franchise's new video game is seen as an assistants and anchors of the 2018 Games Game Awards. The award will be announced on December 6.

Two accounts have been created in connection with the new Videogame @ AlienBlackout and @Illial Blackout on Twitter. On the other hand, the presenter Geoff Keikley Game Award 2018, A strange story that reads: Wills the World, and his followers have created finesse and enthusiasm because of the use of Tyley by Utileen Utani Corporation Alien.

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This is not the only reference to the game on Twitter, because Hidey KojimaThe producer of the legend Melody Gear Solid has completed completion Alien: BlackoutBecause he has uploaded some photos of his work account in which you can see the game, a graphic piece of reference to a single egg xenomorph The new headline will also be linked to death stranding and the E3 was presented in 2018 and the tweet from Kojima as per the 2018 Games Game Awards:

Hidey Kojima

Hidey Kojima

Hidey Kojima

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