Friday , September 30 2022

Alfredo Arias of the Catholic University: "It's Real, But It's Not Close" Sports


After Benett left San Jose, Alfred Arias as the main candidate for the banking of the Catholic University. On departure from Bolivar, Coach talked to Uruguay Radio Sport 890 I had already thought about it earlier.

"We first understood the contract for 6 months. There was a financial barrier. Another thing is that we believe it There are things that can not handle them, and they are not able to fight against them"

About the possibilities She continued her career at the Catholic UniversityHe said. "Yes, there is a possibility. The last game was a communicative interaction immediately I know that there are talks, but nothing has been decided yet, not signed yet. "

Of course it was Uruguay It's not the only offer to deal with Next year. "There are other options that bring us closer. It's true, but it's not closed. "

There was a phase of the coach Chile in 2016 in Santiago WanderersThere he gave a good picture.

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