Thursday , September 29 2022

Alexis wishes to stay yes or yes


Manchester United was expelled from Portugal after two years from Jose Mourinho. In the middle of a season of a variety of controversies, the club announced a short-term visit to Coach. There are new opportunities for players like Alexis Sanchez, who do not have the best season in England.

However, the presence of a new coach (in this context, the Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solzzeger took over until the end of the event) does not join the continuity of TokioPanano in Red Devils.

Unlike London resident, Sanchez is not feeling well at Manchester. (He is not well in the city) tells his closest circle. For this reason, there is a possibility of going to the pass mark window in January. "He wants to continue that, he wants to face a championship," says a close companion of the football player. Representative of the national team Fernando Fleischovich spent one week in England. Argentina traveled to fix the situation of Arn.

It joins the information released by the English media by the end of November. Alexis was approached by his neighbors and confirmed that the French footballer is Paris St Germans. Though he lives on the Red Shop, he continues in the former Cobolão country. He celebrated his 30th birthday last Wednesday.

If the strike was intended to leave Arsenal, there was an option according to the transfer request. In England, active players in England can apply for a formal transfer. Sanz's relationship with Manchester United lasts until 2022.

Yesterday, Ole Gunnar Solskjer led his first training in the United Technical Headquarters. He settled in the Carrington Training Center. According to the British media, Edwards had met with Campus and executive director Ed Woodward. Norway's premiere in Berlin this Saturday will be the Premier Cardiff City.

Returning to Alexis Court in 2019, the film about his life enters the rightful land. At the start of the week, footballer Alejandro Fernández made a tape record of Fernandes's script, directed by Almont. This post was entered into production phase.

The first teaser of the film will be distributed by mid January and Daniel Munus is the chief of the cast. Illustration has been developed in Santiago, Tokodila.

"All of us worked on that project, because Alexis had a limited time, because he lived in England, but we are just as good as we expected," said Maria Hardard, Executive Producer of Fubula's Lubric Brothers company. The film is in charge.

Premier is expected in mid-next year.

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