Friday , June 9 2023

After the disappearance of the former lover Salah: "Safar mafia inquiry" | Soccer


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Barein's Skier

The former girlfriend Emilioano Salah Following his disappearance, he began to indulge in serious charges after he disappeared from a flight in Nardes to Cardiff.

Barein's Skier Strong messages were posted through the account in Twitter and Instagram, which triggered a hijacking of the aircraft.

The woman, who left Salah for a few months, accused the "soccer mafia" responsible for the tragedy.

"Ask the Soccer Mafia because I do not believe this accident," he said.

Barein's Skier
Barein's Skier

He repeated the same message many times. However, he deleted the books on Tuesday night.

The message was more intense in the Instagram. There he added photos and videos of a trip to Europe. Within hours, he deleted the publications.

"I would like to wake up, this is a lie, please check out #emilianosala I do not believe this danger If they do not see the material flowing, they will not be searching for bad weather. I want to read what you have shown. I can not believe that they are suspended until tomorrow they lose. The first post says, "I do not think helplessness is a nightmare."

"I can not think of a ennineyekkuricc Patparganj. Do you have dreams and expiration date? You can change your life in a moment. We are dust, and where we are in this universe kuraccunalayirikkukayan. Occurs many injustices, that is why I am very sorry that parayatirikkunnat me, you enneppeala teanniyirunnatupeale me a long time ago I want you to deal with the newness and felt. I prakatippiccilla itself, I have the impression that it is taking to learn from now on. And when I see you, I never in my eyes. I am still hangs today in the morning, all the changes. DC project is a good man, hardworking and dedicated to his work I'm sorry, I'm not helpless that I can not do any pain, fear, anger or anything else. I always know the power as I am. You are powerful. We are waiting for you @ emilianosala9 ", closed.

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