Friday , November 15 2019
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"After entering Sudamerakana, it becomes public"

A member of the Colo Colo coach El Mercurio says that the issue has not been solved by the time it was created.

Hector arrives as a colo colo coach on SundayWill play before the US drum in the end of the theater. Although this was a fact, Titta's problem was not worrying.

Now they will point out. After leaving Kopa Sudamorena we get exhausted. Wait till next Monday after reporting the championship? ", A member of the Technical Staff, assured El Mercurio.

Similarly, the indicated source is emphasized in resignation "We thought it was good, but it was that.

The future of the tapi is aimed at the system. It will already be available in Deportivo Legs and Universidad de Coppione, although it does not follow the Francisco Boson.

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