Tuesday , September 27 2022

Actor Natarajan on Twitter


Michael Rapport He uses his Twitter account to share insights around the world. Now it's more and more gone. He labeled cellists in a commentary by popular singer Aryan gran.

"Ariana Grande is 27 and her 12 years old, she has hidden suitcases, eyebrows in the eyes, dresses with costumes, and beautiful women who work in Starbucks.Published this Thursday.

The text did not take long to generate waves of negative feedback from Aryan grant fans. He was treated as a ugogist, sextist, and stacker.

Before the Panorama, the commentator was not a problem. He tweeted and set the fire on the right. Attention is beneficial to promote its own podcast.

"When I speak out for the leader of Free World Donald Trumpet or the worst leader of Virginia's worst boys, I'm a dog of social networks, but it's a joke about the Riana Grant.", Was the response of the main character in the series "Diversity".

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