Thursday , September 29 2022

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The FIG New Technologies How to show it DNA Send a Signal Each Cell It was developed on December 20, 2018 2018 Discovery In American magazine Science.

He says ExpertsThese methods transform the science in the coming decades Vision A set of more precise processes Aging, Healing Diseases.

"As a musical score suggests Tools String, wind, percussion etc are required to create a player Symphony, Shows when a combination of technologies Genes Cell cells will be provided to perform their special task in each cell, "the magazine calculated.

"The result is the capacity to follow the development of organs and organs with a head Accuracy Sell ​​through cell in time, "he said.

Modern techniques are based on the function Nobel Medicine 2002, John SulstonAnd his colleagues "became a sign of development MothEditor of Science Group Magazine, Jeremy Berg said: "Zenoobubis elegans, using the precision and precisely precise and precisely precise microscopic cell, develops cell.

"Today's Technologies, using parallel DNA Sequencing and Advanced Fluorescence microscope, re-use cells from Caenorhabditis Elegans Identification, Analysis, assemblage based on the nature of the genes of each cell, "he said.

They have been published Items This year is how to build a flat worm, a fish, a frog, and other animals and the organs and organs.

Scientists from around the world work with these technologies Human Cells: Changes to cancer, diabetes, or other physical disabilities, as well as age and mood.

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