Thursday , June 8 2023

A passenger on a plane crashed up for 14 hours


Passengers on a United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Hong Kong More than 14 hours were trapped on the track In tropical climate, decrease in food supply.

The flight was immediately diverted at 3.05 am and diverted immediately to the Gay Bay Airport in Newfoundland, Canada. The Atlantic time flew at 21:31 (20:31 Y.), a passenger was shifted to a local hospital while on a medical flight.

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But when the plane was ready to go out, There was a mechanical problem.

That's when the wait started.

Travelers were not allowed to leave the plane During the night I was not a customs officer. Sunday became Sunday, but still the aircraft was grounded.

Soon after the flight, the plane's plane broke down The temperature dips down to 20 degrees Celsius After waiting for hours on the outside, they asked for help from Unidad, saying they were looking for food.

Sunday morning, Goose Bay officials brought dats and coffee Tim Hartons from the classic Canadian fast food restaurant.

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Brought food to the United States "The team makes everything possible "A spokesman for the executive said.

Finally, after 14 hours, Sanjay Dutt was able to land the rest of the flight. "This was a long, long and long day"He tweeted.

Lloyd Slad, another passenger on the plane, he said "Very tired, at this moment" Sunday "cabin crude is very useful (not the United office, not).

An alternative to the passengers was sent to Goose Bay to go back to Nevervel.

"We apologize to our customers The company said it will be able to help them soon.

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