Sunday , May 28 2023

A mouse was shot at Sara Rossa at the margins of the Americo Wesoposio


One The shooting was recorded Wednesday afternoon at the entrance of the Wesoposio South Highway, with Santa RosaIn San Raman's Commune, he was released by a deceased man.

The incident took place for about two hours. Neighborhoods of Santa Rosa metroWhere is Two vehicles were handed over to driver shots.

On a road, Kira was shot from a career and attacked the public against Kia Spaghez. The driver died In last vehicle Padri Hartuta HospitalPolice have been transferred there.

"Between the two vehicles, the deceased was taken to Padri Hartado Hospital before dying. Two injured. The incident occurred in Barros Luko in hospital If they were involved in this process, "explained the Mayor of Carabiniero, Edwardo Fernandes.

The girl could not be identified The vehicle was found on a 38 mm turv firewall and the other car fled.

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