Thursday , September 29 2022

A French study opens a door to end HIV


A set Researchers That's right Pastor of French Institute A new step was taken AIDS virus (HIV) When you find a way Avoid infected cellsAccording to a study published today (20 December 2018) Cell livelihood.

This is one Find outPasteur Institute declared Make a revolution for HIV treatmentHence, patients will need to be taken Antiretroviral drugs That could not be avoided Reservoirs HIV infected with immunodeficiency virus (infectious virus).

"Our the work To eliminate them, the goal is to improve the targeted cells and identify the cells VitaminThe Student Coordinator, Spanish Azeri Saire Cyrion of the Pastor Institute, says:

The FIG Researchers He was able to identify the nature of the CD 4T lymphocytes. The HIV immune system tried to produce its own copies.

Continuing treatment options – Evaporative – doing this, prevent HIV from multiplication, but they will not cure, ie they VirusBut leave it in a state of silence.

Now researchers have identified the virus as a priority Cells Strongly Metabolism -For use of CD 4 Glucose Introducing a main character. Experts also believe that opening the door to eliminate infection cells.

Researchers have blocked it Infection Already experimenting thanks to the prohibition of metabolic activities exploring the cancer, or, Organic Tissue An animal in an artificial environment.

The researchers said Find out Although it is essential to apply this method for patients, it is a good project.

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