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A cocktail photo inspired by a team of Chinese researchers for condoms for human beings 1/6 | Science

The FIG Male abortion It has a good future. The first phase of successful clinical trial passes through many methods of reducing sleep contraception among women.

In that line, Chinese researchers have found a new method of inspiration for contraception. Multnard cocktail galaxy.

This suggests that drinking alcohol is composed of colored layers in the glass that is made up of it, and it looks like a galaxy is similar to a space similar to that of a space. The researchers found this drink to be quite different layers. However, when shaking or heated, the layers break out and add the elements into one.

Thus, the conception of condoms origin was born like custlet, but within the vent dendrons, through the stimulated path from the sperm to the elderly.

In a published article ACS Nano The results obtained by the Xiaolei Wang Team were good in their exam on mice. So they created a contraceptive disease and their effect is warmed.

How does it work?

The researchers simultaneously fumed four layers of different patterns into the roots of the rodents. The first layer contains hydrogen, acting as a physical barrier to prevent the passage of the sperm.

They then fired a layer of a golden nano-shaped sheet with an infrared light radiation. They then stabbed the student, Ethilindimitanteatraderic acid (EDTA), who had broken the gel, screamed the sperm and paid another nanoparticle layer.

In this way, the sperm can not only prevent the advancement of the drugs, but they also drive Edte. But the interesting thing is, if you want to replicate the contraceptive process, the infrared and gold nanos will remain in their jobs. The mixture is then mixed in the rest of the layer and allowed for the passage of the sperm.

The researchers now believe that its effectiveness is evident in mice, which examines their method in humans and guarantees the safety of compounds used.

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