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A Chinese scientist who genetically transmits genetically modified babies defends his experiment and says that there is another pregnancy

He was born in the Human Genome edition of Hong Kong.

For a few seconds, the hall of the University of Hong Kong continues to the Hall Auditorium Suspense. He declared that the DNA of two newborn babies, Chinese genetic medicine, Jiangxi, had been modified. "I do not know where he's," said Robin Lowell-Badge, who introduced him to the Francis Crick Institute. However, the researcher has learned about the time of uncertainty and goes on to the door portfolios of one side to defend a test of scientific society and declare the second pregnancy in the "first phase" of this type of embryo. However, on the basis of the present investigation, he pointed out that his experiments ended with corruption in his investigations.

After launching his speech, he was unaware of his experiments and informed the organizers of the second human genome edition this week at the British colony. As an excuse, an article of that article was sent to the scientific journals, but he argued that the name of the publication was not mentioned. He did not provide information on moral supporters who should be prompted in each step by virtue of moral standards approved by members of his group, a speech full of information gaps, identification of expert scientists who had discussed at various stages of the investigation. Job

"In an experiment, he knew he knew he had gone through good training," said Maria de Jaze Madeena Arenano, biometrics expert at the University of Mexico University and one of the participants in the scientific conference in Hong Kong. . "Look at the approval," he adds.

The World Wonders trained at University Rice and Stanford, USA, surprised the world and Nana and Lulu were the two Chinese twins modified by the CRR 5 a few weeks ago. AIDS used in the door to attack the human defense system. After deciding to withdraw from the project, he was a carrier of the HIV virus and worked with seven other people. After successfully aborting in Graysil, the mother of twins used eleven embryos in six attempts. Now the girls make perfect health, at home and make their experiments unnecessary. "I'm proud of you, my father hoped that he had lost hope in his life.

"May be the only way to cure his disease," he said, saying he offered self-financing in his work and would have any role in his company. "If technology is available, we can help" people who need it. "

With these statements, he or she may even secretly say that bypassing the hereditary symptoms or changing the coding problem in embryos will help prevent the hereditary illness. However, the lack of knowledge about the destruction of individuals and future generations, the embodiment of these embryos through the criticisms of scientists from all over the world.

After his speech, he remembered that there was no "irresponsible" attitude, including the Nobel Prize, including organ donors from the Hong Kong Congress Party, David Baltimore. "I do not think it's a transparent process, we only learned after the birth of children," he said, promising a formal statement from tomorrow's organization.

Similarly, a group of 122 Chinese scientists signed a letter rejected. There, they call it "mad", and the blackberries are forgiven that they have gained popularity in that country. More and more scientists have conducted searches conducted by the South of Science and Technology University. He has worked as an associate professor. A signature that he had been married since February had falsely condemned the signature.

Although defamation and criticism of his announcement, he would justify his experiment and say he would be able to look after two newborns for the next 18 years and if possible, the girls would accept it. In China, AIDS-sigmitized virus infected, he tried to experiment with the importance of this disease in different parts of the world-in the words of Madeena. "It must have unusual consequences, and it is not happening yet," said the expert.

But Pandora's box is already open. There is a possibility of a genetically modified baby. After the experiment, the scientific community is waiting to see what is taking place. "If my son had it (AIDS virus), I would have done it with him", he stopped before he went back.

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