Friday , January 27 2023

A baby boy who died at the age of 10 was cancer: "I am not able to test myself"


Breast cancer is one of the most widely reported cases of females worldwide Its early diagnosis will help to avoid a tragedy.

What is common with this disease, That attack is children. even though, Crisy turnr, except for a small Utah, United States.

Her right nose was painful when she was eight years old. Her father was taken to a doctor November 2015 is known as a breast cycling cancer, A rare cancer that affects one person per lakh.

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But the girl and her family will be better off after two years of war.

In addition, breast cancer: They have been waiting for breast restaron surgery for years

"This experience has never taught me how to teach me, I know how important it is for my family and my mom every moment of my life, love to spend time with my family and my friends, just be happy" People told the magazine.

"Cristie has a good expectation of wherever she is … women who are aware of breast cancer, especially for breastfeeding and to focus on goodness," she said.

The little girl should observe her whole life, and she hopes to lead a normal life. And beyond that, she has to perform an operation to perform more surgeries in older boys.

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