Friday , January 27 2023

68% of Chile's executives said the economy is in progress


Take the economic agenda of recent weeks. Because macro shows scores, growth, investments and consumption, it does not always have a good time.

In September of Imacec's figure was 2.3% – years low – unemployment figures for July-August-September – 7.1%.

These questions have become a quick response from the government. Economic Affairs Minister Jose Ramon Wala's seminars, radio, television and lectures of writers were started. Although the problem was identified as having no issues, they had to explain.

But what about those who lead Chile in business world think about the economy? In addition to selecting the best personalities of the business world, more than 400 businessmen, company directors and executives participated in a poll conducted by PULSO, Cadem and Adolfo Ibanez University. The economy of the country.

Their results show that this group has more optimism about what is happening in Chile. In fact, they asked about the current situation of the economy, 68.1% believe that the country is in progress and 29.3% are financially and 2.6% are withdrawing.

When asked about how the future can be realized, the mood will be more optimistic, as 81.4 per cent respondents respond to the situation in the economy over the next 12 months.

When asked about the reality of their business atmosphere, the answers are optimistic. 68% believe that the company's general financial position is good or good 23.3% and 5.9% are bad or bad.

They estimate that the reality of their companies will improve in the next 12 months, like the country's financial position. Actually, 80.4% believe it's very good, 14.9% believe it will be permanent.

Where to focus efforts

In the next 12 months, they have set up their management efforts to manage the management team of Chile companies. In a survey conducted by PULSO, Cadem and Adolfo Iebanes University, 23% of companies will concentrate on competitiveness, economics and trade.

New technologies are a problem for them, 21.8% digital variant, integrating their restructuring programs and cost efficiency.

The control is the third in anxiety level. According to the survey, 10.3% respondents change the key efforts and resources in regulatory framework, legitimate certificates.

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